Who is dating melissa lee

The two characters are adorable to watch when they're not arguing, and the pair always seem to share a genuine affection for each other.

Benoist and Wood may be impressive actors, but it turns out that their feelings for each other on screen were actually 100% real.

This season of Supergirl has been rife with the sort of romantic plots we've come to expect from The CW.

The introduction of Maggie and Alex as a couple has had the fans swooning, and for the most part, they've endured as the most stable relationship so far.

During Episode 16 of Supergirl's second season, Karamel officially called it quits after Kara discovered that Mon-El had been lying about his past.

Entertainment Weekly has reported that Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood are indeed a real-life couple.

Before ET's confirmation, fans began to speculate that Karamel had sparked a real-life romance after the two were spotted together on several occasions, walking their dogs, traveling during their off-time, and even holding hands.

Everyone who has ever suffered with addiction knows that bad habits are hard to kick.

And those close to someone who has suffered with addiction know this just as well. I have friends who need to see this."Mantos says that at the height of her addiction to "dope" - a slang word for heroin - she was, "a dead girl. Just reach out your hand, I'm right here."Mantos also leaves her contact details for anyone who wishes to reach out to her for help.

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