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Part of that effort is a partnership with Funny or Die with the web series First Dates with Toby Harris, starring comedian and Funny or Die writer, Seth Morris.

A fantastic new article from UC Berkeley student newspaper The Daily Californian chronicles how the same-sex relationship between two Christian sorority sisters forced them to leave their house and eventually led to the sorority being removed from campus.When did you get involved with the Upright Citizens Brigade? I got to New York in ’96 and then I kind of got into the first wave of classes there.I always loved comedy and loved improv, but I didn’t know what longform was. I had met Adam Mc Kay over the years through UCB and his wife, who was my acting coach in L. I had recommended some people to him and then they got to a point where they needed a writer, so they hired me part time.Especially because we came forward with such innocence and just asking for advice.Our immediate reaction was like, 'This is so bad that everything that we worked for in terms of ADX has been taken from us,'" Chaparro said in a video interview with The Daily Cal.

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