Dave batista dating 2016

As a member of the Disciples of Synn stable, he went undefeated until being beaten at Christmas Chaos by Kane with help from Stone Cold Steve Austin.He later won the OVW Heavyweight Championship from "The Machine" Doug Basham before losing the belt to The Prototype.The couple had two daughters, Keilani and Athena, but they divorced soon afterwards.Dave later married a woman by the name of Angie, but they divorced in 2006.She was told she was too short, too fat, too small, too ugly, and not good enough and she will never make it when she finally decided to join the wrestling world.She wondered how people could judge anyone and pass such under the moon comments to someone without knowing the person in the first place. No, we are not going to witness the legendary 165 split right now, but we are going to talk about the person who mastered it. and break out the GOLD MEDAL -- 'cause Dave Bautista's wife just took 1st place in MISS POLE DANCE AMERICA 2016!!!

California Belleza Latina and Miss Hawaiian Tropic Anaheim.If you are a WWE fan, you may have guessed who she is.She is no other than former WWE diva Melina Perez, WWE Women's Champion for three times and WWE Divas Champion for two.In fact, the ex-WWE superstar even bragged about it on Twitter -- "So proud of my baby @Sarah Jade Pole for kicking ass at #Miss Pole Dance America." "That's right Twitches!! Sorry ladies, ex-WWE superstar Dave Bautista -- aka Drax from "Guardians of the Galaxy" -- is officially off the market ...

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