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The office relationships which usually develop because of the regular close contact are a good example of how these affairs usually come about.No woman in her right mind would allow her partner to go out to dinner three times a week with another woman and assume that it was just a platonic relationship, so how do you determine what is a platonic relationship and whether it is OK for your partner to have such a relationship with another woman, well the answer to that would be you can never be sure.The more you learn to laugh you will soon realize that you have acquired quite a number of new friends because people generally like to be around people who are happy, and laughter certainly makes everyone happy. ' know how to laugh and have a good time and generally deter people from wanting to be around them, so you should really learn to laugh, look like you are having a good time, and soon that lady friend of yours will be laughing right along with you and after that all will be literally yours for the taking.

When people are together a lot they usually form a bond just like a friendship, but sometimes things can get out of hand and the feelings start changing and you begin to look at the other person in a more romantic way, because of the close contact that you share on a regular basis.

What should be remembered that each astrologer has their own pet theories regarding the subject of astrology sign compatibility and in some cases may be directly opposite to what another astrologers pet theories are with regard to this subject.

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Laughter is one of the best ways to make you feel happy, make you feel good about yourself and best of all it attracts women to you because it gives them the impression that you are a very funny and sociable person.

One who is outgoing and attractive and before you know it women will want to be with you because of these qualities.

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