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The City Of Angels resident musical mad scientist, Aeb effortlessly blends classic piano songwriting with saucy pop and ethereal flute work to craft songs that are equal parts Fiona Apple and Beck, with all the swagger of Amy Winehouse with the esoteric experimentation of Radiohead.On this outing, Aeb, (herself a classically trained jazz musician), flirts between sexy, solo piano bar songstress and balls to the wall funky rock with her backing band of classic rock royalty.Arms Akimbo has also performed at Jam in the Van, Balcony TV, and So Far Sounds LA. Follow their social media to stay up to date with their releases and keep an eye out for their live shows..get wild.One of the most fascinating aspects of Ballerina Black is how this California indie-rock band conjures such a dark melancholy, amid sunny skies and bright beaches. With a sound described as Mope-Rock or Grave-Wave, Bobby Moynahan manuvers the morose corners of the post-punk 80's with grand melodies.

Their single, "Michigan" charted on Spotify's Global Viral Hits at 48, US Viral Hits at 45 and Canada Viral Hits at 7 and they've surpassed 1 million online streams.

Texas, which reinstated the death penalty in 1976, has the most active execution chamber in the nation.

On average, these inmates have spent 14 years, 9 months on death row.

These Angelenos are frequently mistaken for an English act, which explains why they had such a successful reception on their U. Supported by long-time friends and members, bassist Esli Sugich and expansive synths and guitars from Scott Eton, the guys have accumulated a wealth of material; dating from 2010.

Here is a look at the 233 inmates currently on Texas' death row.

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